SunSet Blvd Candles

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Each Candle has its own scent and story to be told.
So lets take a walk down SunSet Blvd together 
Kiss of Paradise (  sweet blend of fruits and rum)
Bourbon Nights ( The perfect blend of bourbon and Cognac)
A day of Egypt ( A strong smell with a mix of lavender and lemon)
Naked (  A cherry smell that is meant for special occasions)
Peace ( The purest smelling lavender scent)
Good Morning ( A rich smell of butter cream and caramel) 
A lil Sip ( a white grape scent)
Enchanted (  A scent that has a blend of fruits and essential oils)
A night at the fair ( Candy Apple scent)
Chaser (A blend of apples and Bourbon)
Shortcake ( A light blend of Strawberries) 
A taste of Georgia ( the sweet smell of peaches)